Summary Draft 1

In the article, “Use of Cladding in Buildings Here Have Grown in Recent Times” (Mokhtar, 2017), reported the increasing use of cladding in Singapore and its benefits and risks. Cladding is a layer of panels added to the exterior facade of buildings to cut energy use, improve building appearance or provide shade. The use of cladding, however, came under the limelight after the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. The fire had spread upwards rapidly due to the ventilation gaps between the cladding and the building’s wall, drawing oxygenated air from the bottom of the facade and fueling the fire. In Singapore, the use of cladding is regulated. For example, cladding material must not allow fire to spread along its surface when ignited. Besides meeting statutory regulations, a building owner was cited to have included measures to prevent fire from spreading between levels and regular certification of fire protection systems. Cladding has its usefulness, but its associated risks need to be mitigate…

Formal Self-introductory Letter

Subject: Formal Letter of Self-introduction

Dear Mr. Blackstone,

My name is Keric and I am a Diploma in Materials Science graduate from Singapore Polytechnic. As a science graduate, I found that engineering was similar to what I had studied and I decided to enroll into Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land) (SIEL) in Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). SIEL gave me the hope of securing a job that is on-site and in-the-field, rather than being stuck behind a desk 5 days a week.

I am somewhat confident of presenting a message or content to an audience, regardless of size. Back in my polytechnic days, I had numerous formal presentations. I even had an opportunity to share an opening speech to a new cluster of science freshmen as the president of the Freshmen Orientation Programme 2014 Committee. I have had peers who commented that my command of English was exceptional, although I honestly believe that preparation, rather than great command of English, is key to any presentati…